Date: 2000-09-19
Time: 21:13:27

scene: liquidesign global HQ, union square, NYC


g: "I got my brother a big-ass TV for his birthday last year. I had just got my first internet job so I thought I was all super-rich or something. This year, I think I'll get him a book. Something like that."

j: "Yeah?"

g: "Yeah but he wants a DVD player."

j: "Fuck THAT."

g: "Yeah."

j: "..."

g: "I could, like, get him a book and like put it in a DVD player box tho. With lots of styrofoam peanuts and whatnot."

j: "Ha! That would sure suck."

g: "No doubt."

j: "..."

g: "..."

j: "..."

g: "That's like something, like, your evil stepmom would do, something like that."

j: "Hey, you don't know shit about my evil stepmom."

g: "Hells yeah I do. I had to change my number twice yo."



Blagh. I have not dreampt anything in days except for some very disturbing shit the other night wherein I kept hearing these phantom voices chanting the letters "S", "E", "U" and "V" over and over again in a sort of CasioToney voice, in what I think was an ascending minor 7th pattern (but don't quote me on that). I have no idea what "S", "E", "U" and "V" were all about, I think that somehow it was derived from "SUV" as in "Sport Utility Vehicle" but I am really not sure at all, it was a wack dream regardless, and anyway I don't recall any particular run-ins with or escapades involving SUV's lately, I mean I live in Brooklyn for fuck's sake, I take the damn subway every day and so like motor vehicles exist only in the frozen outer periphery of the swirling galaxy that is my perception. yeah.

I got a cellfone, too. how fucking lame. I probably can't even afford it either and, up until the day I got it, I was one of those people who had a hard time repressing the urge to tear cellfones off of the ears of noisy passersby and stomp on them. now I walk among them, indistinguishable. I suck big time for that. yeah.

and I'm getting sick, and it's raining out. and and and. fuckin' a.

at least I finally wrote my thesis proposal for NYU. that's out of the way. now once I read the 250,000 books I listed in it I'll be done. more or less.

kusama is the fucking shit, yo.