Date: 2000-10-05
Time: 01:46:04

blagh. motherfuckers. I am rapidly forgetting how to write coherently. I'm coming back from boston, see, after spending the weekend there with my family, and on the way back I pull out the laptop to write some shit and kablam blam blam I can't. not that writer's block shit where you can't do it, or that shit where you are simply out of ideas both good and bad. no. I had the ideas. I had the whole fucking deal laid out like to the fucking FRAME if it were to be produced as a film or some such bullshit but I was completely useless in the whole sentance-formation department. it was dirty I tell you. I ended up writing about a page of shit describing what I would have written had I been able to write. Like, the shit I ended up actually writing was the sort of thing you would tell a friend of yours if you were to read what I had actually wanted to write, if it were actually existant, and your friend asked you 'what was it all about?' get it? isn't that fucking idiotic?

I certainly think so. yeah.

at work one of the senior designers got a g4 cube so I got his old box. I was all jealous until it started crashing all over the fucking place and mine didn't.

blagh. blagh, I tell you. the other night I dreampt I ate a piece of cake I had in the fridge. I was kinda suprised when I opened the fridge today and saw that the cake was still there, unmarred. yes yes.

ah but some things are good. I rearrainged my room so the space is utilized far better than it had been in its prior state. I'm going to London on the 10th of October. for some reason my complete dearth of love life isn't pissing me off like it usually does. I do miss my cat from Boston but I have figured out a way to potentially get around the fact that my roommate can't stand cats and as such I might just pick me up a cat, or maybe a turtle if my scheme dosen't work out. something like that. plus I might get some actual web space soon. oh yeah.

yeah. put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.