Date: 2000-12-30
Time: 21:31:30

yeah so 'crouching tiger, hidden dragon' was some sincerely good cinematic shit. my internal image of my 'dream girl' has already been updated to include many key attributes of that girl in the movie, whatshername, the younger one who was like an asswhipping savant. yeah.

I saw it by myself, at the brooklyn academy of music, where they have a lot of aggressively cropped typography in all their logos and signs and shit. lately I've been seeing movies by myself more. it's totally a better way to do the whole movie thing as far as I'm concerned, esp. if you really hate the movie and you don't want to deal with the sort of awkward silence you have to endure with someone when you sit through a really awful movie with them. yeah.

my plan was to be on a bus to boston to go to a new years' parteee by now, but it snowed so severely I can't even stomach the prospect of leaving to get food, so like I've been in all day playing with computers and eating only what I could have delivered, which thus far has consisted solely of domino's crappy pizza, because I live in the ghetto where they don't do kozmo. fuckin' A man, my last year at nyu I could have whatever I wanted delivered: pizza of all sorts, videos, ice cream, crack cocaine, you name it.

I would like to stress, for the record, that in real actual life I do NOT actually smoke crack cocaine. I do joke about smoking crack cocaine like all the time, to the point where all sentances I emit are saturated to maximum capacity with crack cocaine humor/references, such that some actually believe this is a habit of mine, smoking crack that is. there you go. just so you know. yeah.

I still need to see 'dancer in the dark', which wasn't playing at BAM, which is where I went becuz for some reason when I see a movie by myself I almost always go to BAM. I have yet to go to a movie at BAM with another human being I know personally.

anyway yeah. fuckin' if you want to babble on with no thesis the best thing to do is lock yourself in your room with a crappy pizza and a bunch of computers connected to the internet, and make it snow so you wouldn't want to leave anyway. also make a mouse piss on your passport. no joke: this happened. I keep throwing my passport around my room because I don't know quite where to put it cuz it's important. anyway so like last night I apparently left an oreo on my desk next to the passport, which was stupid, cuz my apartment is infested with massive amounts of rodents due to my roommate's ineptitude, but so anyway that compounded with my own ineptitude is what lured the bladder-happy mouse over to the passport last night.

blagh. I had no dreams at all last night, cuz I got in at four and went to bed, but then promptly at 4:15 my roommate returned from his week away, only he had what sounded like at least 12 drunk friends with him, who proceeded to trash the apartment I had laboriously cleaned over the past week in a few short hours of drunken, imbecilic antics, for which they obviously needed a soundtrack, so my roommate hauled his stereo speakers RIGHT NEXT TO MY FUCKING DOOR and blasted 'Handsome Boy Modeling School' at a high volume, which is a shame really becuz I used to like that album but now it has negative associations. blagh, I say.

anyway. that's my day. it's like that. it's not over yet. I may escape the pissing rats and my roommate's retardedness yet. we shall see.