Date: 2001-01-04
Time: 02:51:54

last night's dream was pretty much awful. the whole thing was dank, murky, and malevolent. as is typical, I only recall vague impressions of it, nothing too coherent. there was a great deal of time I spent submerged or partially submerged in water, in some kind of lake at twilight surrounded by rocky mountains interlaced with crevices that seemed to connect to normal-looking interior rooms. the water was pure in some place, and felt good to swim in, but in other areas the floor of the lake was covered in slime, and hydrophobic oily liquids coated the water's surface. there were lots of little kids swimming in the nicer parts and they seemed oblivious to the utter nastiness in sections of the lake that were right next to them. the worst part was when, in one of the passages behind the lake, I found a laundry basket in an ill-lit room that looked like the one I'd used for most of my adolescent life. there was nicely folded and clean-looking laundry in it, but when I looked under the first garment on top the inside of the basket was coated with black slime and filled with writhing finger-sized black worms.

it was grotesque, and throttling, and furthermore when I woke up I was late for work, cuz the guy who slept in my bed on my roommate's ok while I was away had conveniently turned my alarm clock off. as in off, not just like the alarm was off. so I had a great fucking time scrambling for the train through the scum left over from last weeks' snow.

fucking and THEN when I get into work I found out I'm the only one who didn't get a christmas bonus, cuz of an episode early in December where profanity-laced code I wrote had been inadvertently emailed to a client by a coworker of mine. furthermore I tried to talk to my bosses about letting me do more after effects type shit but they were pretty much like "your'e a coder. you write code. it's what you do and it's what you're going to do." hotjobs is looking dandy right about now.

people can be such robots sometimes. I swear to god, what I need to do is develop a version of the water test they used for witches, so I can see who's a robot and who's not. yeah.

my new year's was certifiably lame. how was yours?