Date: 2001-01-07
Time: 01:20:22

the past week, my roommate's been almost completely out of my domestic picture, engaging in all sorts of dubious self-destructive stuff, so I had the apartment to myself a few nights. so what do I do? I sit around and stare at monitors, that's what I do. that's the kind of guy I am. both nights I pretty much got no sleep and so the second night, when I crashed two hours before I had to get up and go to work, my dreams consisted entirely of the after effects time layout interface. that was like, it. in fact when the alarm actually went off I dreampt of clicking on the time stretch field.

it's just like that sometimes. on the other hand, last night I had some of the most amazing sex dreams ever. completely realistic, believeable, and with attractive people I actually knew in real life. it was great. I don't even have sex DREAMS that often, let alone the actual act in real life, so it was with great psychic pain that I awoke to the sound of the fone ringing. it turned out to be a Verizon employee demanding the late fone bill. blagh. sometimes, it's like that too. yeah.

anyway yeah. I can't believe how much lightwave 6, or [6] as the Newtek people put it, whips the ass of prior versions. it's just not funny. it can really render the living shit out of my fetus model. it can really whip a llama's ass.

fuckin' a. today at the 'L' cafe in williamsburg I got completely fucking faced on just plain coffee over brunch and now I'm all antsy, looking for shit to do. like I said, typically I just stay home at nights and stare at montiors but I feel like breaking the geek scene wide open and doing actual things with actual people in three actual dimensions. unfortunately my options are limited: I could go along with my roommate on his quest to have GHB-fueled sexual relations with some of his college 'fuck buddies'; I could call everyone on my fone list and leave messages and then maybe get called back; I could go see yet another movie by myself at BAM... none of these really appeal to me, like at all. staring at screens would be all just fine and dandy except my ass is getting cramped from nonstop immotility, and like I said, I'm all antsy and shit. what's a brooklyn-based nerd to do I ask you? I just don't know.

anyway yeah. yeah yeah. if you know how to make shit look underwater in lightwave [6] you should email me and tell me and then I swear to god the world will be a happier, better place. I'm off in search of shit to do. more later, when I dream again.