Date: 2001-07-24
Time: 1:57 a.m.

more apple-c apple-v. this time from 'sent items' in entourage.



hey I didn't know you had a pixel camera. can you hook that shit up to like rca inputs and shit? I once read that you needed some sort of wierd adapter and shit. yeah. anyway word to meredith & sarah, yeah.

anyway I didn't mean you per se on the option paralysis thing, I was mainly trying to find a coherent segue from yr email to the ridiculous shit I have been personally up to. word. but yeah that's like the state of things as it seems. also like "I'm working on it" is like one of those things that makes perfect sense all the time, if you're doing your shit in life in general. like my personal new motto this year as I may have already mentioned is 'you can do whatever you want in the entire world but you can never be truly happy', which makes a ton of sense, cuz when yr like all energized and feeling good and whatnot you think about the first part ('you can do whatever you want') but when yr sad you think about the latter part ('you can never be truly happy') but in both instances the whole shebang remains true. also my mom had some quote clipped to the fridge for years that said "to know one's self is to disbelieve in utopia" which at first sounds horrid and desparing but when you think about it it makes sense, cuz people are basically wack, and so like if a person can get past that then s/he can basically get on with things, at least I think. so yeah in a nutshell.

no reason to necessarily run off to some corner of the world, tho; I used to do quite well for myself in bklyn by going to the BAM/rose cinema by myself, or like going to the Bronx to photograph elevated trains. what have you. that type of shit.

ahaha 'DUI classes' sounds like they're going to ram jack daniels in yr face and make you drive a car, or some such thing. I'd imagine it'll be some infinite-jest-tastic shit. you should take notes, yeah, probably some good stories, for real. good luck w/ all that, yeah yeah.

anyway I'm almost done with my bathroom video. I run rap. tell mc's to watch they backs. cookin my shit up, just like BACON.