Date: 2001-09-28
Time: 7:27 p.m.


yeah so two nights ago I stayed up all night making a fucking portfolio site so now no one has any right whatsoever to sit around not paying me money to do work. it's just dumb like that.

one night ago I got drunk as hell w/ old friends from my old job, to the point where we laughed at anything anyone said. I got my friend travis' rock + roll cd for a mere eight bucks too. yupyup.

and tonight I plan to go to a parteee with old friends where I will drink more alcohol and maybe even have sex with girls. who's to say about that really.

anyway the point of all this is that I haven't been dreaming at all and events in general this last week have been REM-unfriendly. frankly this sucks big time but after those nightmares (see last entry for details) I'm pretty ok with all that shit. there's only so much personal horror, internally generated or from the outside world, that one can withstand and right now I'm real fine with complaining about not having a job or money; that kind of petty annoyance I mean, vis-a-vÝs the extremes of the horrible possibilities of the human race. yeahyeah.

also I miraculously got ACTUAL BJÍRK TICKETS for NEXT FUCKING WEEK so that's just great really. nothing to complain there whatsoever, yeahyeah, uh hunh. I've had the new album since the summer too, and believe you me if you haven't heard it your life is woefully lacking and incomplete. the funny thing about that tho is that while it's a beautiful piece of work in every way, it's important to note that all the production on it is by Matmos, who on their last album ("a chance to cut is a chance to cure") made similarly beautiful noise but they used all sorts of animal parts and medical sounds, like a goat skull, a dead rat's spinal column, and the sound of someone getting liposuction'd. I am not making this shit up at all btw, it's true, read the liner notes if you don't believe me.

so basically what's funny about that is you're sitting there listening to the new bj÷rk and you know this about matmos and you can't help but wonder exactly what percentage of this trancendantly marvelous and unimaginably sensuous new musical work was produced with the aid of, like, a dead cat. it's a bit unsettling but also stupendously funny really.

ok off to the parteee. have a good motherfucking weekend, all of you, yeahyeah. yeah.