Date: 2001-10-01
Time: 11:47 p.m.

it's hard to type cuz it's dark. it's dark cuz sze lin's back, and she's jetlagged, so whereas yesterday I was blasting loud music and alternatively geeking and petting the cat with all the lights on, I am now desperately correcting typing errors I am making in the dark while trying not to tappity tap tap tap too loudly. yeah. the cat is still here and she's all up in my face just as much as before, if not more. I just had a strained cellfone conversation in the hall but then my battery died. it's all like that, these days, yeah.

anyway excuse me if I'm befuddled. I don't have a great excuse for being befuddled. I just am. it's how it is.

last night I had amazing dreams. I wish I could recount them but they almost completely evaporated right when I opened my eyes. there was a whole lot about driving around w/ a 10-yr-old genius girl with pigtails in tasmania. I think the fact that it became very cold last night made me dream it up. also I woke up and the cat was sleeping dead center in the middle of my stomach, and that was just wierd, the fucking cat never does that.

I have a feeling this entry is going to end up being befuddled to the point of illegibility.

goddamn there are about 300,000 girls I should call. not just girls who'd end up being my best friend forever and loving me just like a little brother like most of 'em in the past have, nono, I'm talking abour real GIRLS, yeah, the kind whom I would very much like to kiss and maybe just maybe they'd be down for a little of that and maybe also let me use their utensils and cookingware to let me assemble very nice food, that too, of course, yeah.

speaking of which last night I made a gigantic cauldron of borscht and it was ill. try it, you'll like it.

yeah I started doing my old journal, the 'rants' as they were called, on my site, or rather I wasted a day I could have spent job-searching building an interface for it, who's to say if I'll actually do it, right? right. the backend is all sorts of complex with lots of php and xml and other acronyms and the frontend has that trendy dhtml scroll thing on it. the only entry there is pathetic and lame, however. I'm not sure if this one here is lamer but I will tell you I am enjoying doing this one more. do you think it shows? I certainly do. the other one is like practically dysthmic, this shit at least has pep. pizazz. spice. all that shit.

what else. hrm. what else.

yeah well there's lots of shit I'd like to tell you (ah yes, the disembodied 'you' of online journalling) but I'm really going to save it tonight, I can hear sze lin shifting around and if she wakes up she's going to flagellate me with a rubber hose. yeah. so later.