Date: 2001-10-08
Time: 12:26 p.m.

yeah so I'm up in troy, new york, upstate, far far away from bklyn and it's fucking great. my pal jesse stiles goes to RPI and right now he's at work so I'm sitting in his apartment with his cable modem line and my cellfone and so like basically the whole job search thing is happening exactly as it was happening in bklyn except there's no psycho and less stress in general (more on that shit here) so yeah fine that's great.

I just watched the noam chomsky doco on the TV and it was mighty good to see right then, yeah, cuz when I turned the VCR off CNN was talking about how they're blowing up Afghanistan. 'hoo boy' is alls I can really say about that, really. blaagh.

anyway yeah so rpi's looking real tasty, yeahyeah, after the dirty events of last week I've had it up to here with New York and as long as I can secure a plan for attending an institution of graduate higher learning I am just going to have to leave. it's that simple really. this shit is just superwack on every imaginable level so fuck that. yeah.

besideswhich at rpi I can make my ultra fucked digital art under the auspices of a financially secure (nay, affluent even) burgeoning institution with like-minded individuals. no doubt that kicks the shit out of making ugly, visually clichéd web sites for paltry sums while living in a complete nuthouse. I mean c'mon. there's no question really.

anyway yeah more on this whole schmeal later when I return to bklyn. yeahyeah. word to your specific mom.