Date: 2001-10-19
Time: 10:59 a.m.

fuckin' a. so now I'm back at Z's in bklyn. fuck uptown, hahaha. yeah.

anyway last night I made a gigantic pile of fettucine alfredo AND a 'shoo-fly' pie for a girl I like. it was a serious good time, let me tell you. there was also belgian beer with oranges in it and green tea in a can. no 'hanky panky' transpired (and yeah I know I said 'watch this space for details of my sexual exploits' but I have to go by the market on this, so to speak) and but so that's coo' cuz I'm personally rather sure it will, considering the semiotic cues I managed to read from the various subtexts of the conversational currents and shit like that. yeah.

anyway I'm glad I'm back here cuz Z's cat ('frisky' which yes is a seriously dipshit name) whips esther's cat's ass with a belt. esther's cat ('neko', the japanese word for 'cat', which I think is also kind of dumb but it's not like I have a cat with some sort of trancendantly amazing name so I'll shut up now) is gray and long-haired and in general quite strikingly beautiful, but she's all all aloof and cold and emotionally inaccessable. 'frisky' on the other hand will come right up to you and vocally demand attention. she'll also fall asleep square in the middle of your chest which is quite an amusing thing to contend with in the AM.

anyway in other news I got paid last night for doing this last night but the sum of money I received ($300 total) is a real pittance. what the fuck is up with that, I ask you. alls I want is enough cash to buy a few rekkids and some coffee now and again but the sociopoliticoeconomic landscape has other things in mind for me. blaaaaaaaagh.

anyway now I'm going to eat more of MY VERY OWN PIE. in the meantime you can reread about my anthrax fiasco cuz it's funny and deplorable at THE EXACT SAME TIME. yeahyeah.