Date: 2001-10-20
Time: 7:03 p.m.

yeah so I just wanted to add that I had some fucked up dreams last night, it was a real hoot. I can't remember too much except there was this one part where I was on the 'Spirit of Tasmania', an actual boat I actually took to actual Tasmania, and an airplane was overhead, and I somehow got up to the airplaine via a ladder, and the interior of the plane was all bright and white and flourescent-lit and sparse, like with none of the amenities normally associated with air travel and the skeleton of the plane's fuselage clearly visible, and there were all these morose-looking military guys hanging out there, and for some reason the airplane remained above the Spirit of Tasmania, and this hatchway was open on the plane so you could see the boat, and we were moving at the same speed as the boat so it never moved from beneath us, and I asked if they could get closer so I could jump down (the ladder had disappeared (funny, becuz I realized how illogical that was in the dream but I didn't ever say "oh well I guess that's cuz this is a dream now isn't it" the way sometimes you do that)) and they said to me, "if you want to get back there, don't worry, we have three weeks to figure out how to do it" but I was still worried, and I saw one old tired looking military officer guy go up to the desk near the hatchway and obtain some kind of permission to leave, and he had a card that said 'OGERBO' which was an abbreviation for something I understood in the dream but did not upon awakening, and I thought (in the dream) how that was funny and memorable because if pronounced it sounded sort of like it rhymed with 'row your boat', which was contextually vaguely relevant I guess, but anyway this guy's card somehow made it OK for him to leave, and he must've been going to the Spirit of Tasmania but I don't know how he could get there cuz they told me it couldn't be done.

one thing I realize by typing this shit out is I think it reflects some of my indignant anger and irritation held over from last week about the fact that they have an anthrax vaccine that they give to military people but not civilians but whatever.

on a related note (related at least to that last bit) my friend Jesse said that today's New York Post (I haven't left the house so I can't firsthandedly confim this) has a picture of someone giving the camera the finger, and the requisite Post mile-high caption says 'ANTHRAX THIS!' which is really ultra fucking ridiculous in the extreme, when you sit there with your chin on your hand and think it over.

word life. I'm going out now. it's saturday night so you should too, I mean god, what are you doing looking at a fucking computer really? go out and frolic I command you. yeah.