Date: 2001-11-27
Time: 12:23 a.m.

argh. so my dreams these days have been copius and involved but they tend to vanish immediately from memory when I wake up. they're all all fucked up like this one was but the only reason I could get that one in there was cuz I happened to dream that shit up in troy, and my computer was plugged into a cable modem and was sitting right next to my head when I regained conciousness.

I'm in the process of getting sick, too, which always makes my dreams about 10,000x more horrendous and time-dilated and fucked in general. right now my nose is all runny and I've been sneezing it up with reckless abandon all day. it's so wack when you're in that drawn-out 'pre-sick' mode, cuz you just want to get sick already and get it over with, so you're slamming orange juice and tylenol into your face hoping to stave it off, but that just slows things and prolongs the snot-nosed suffering. pure bullshit if you asked me, yeah.

this, perhaps, is why I'm so fucking out of it. right now I'm seriously not in a nice good happy place, let me tell you. I hate being all brooding and melodramatic and angsty but hey that does seem to be the order of the day.

blagh. in other news, I still love girls. they're still the sweet wonderful columnar bastions of beauty and grace and all things nice in the world. if girls would just love me back, I'd be all set, yeah.

word. I just deleted a really awful and stupid paragraph about girls, and my feelings on that subject. no one wants to read that type of bullshit, no sir, yessir. there's only so much one can take of that, yeahyeah.

anyway yeah I do have some plans to call some girls real soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, so I'll let you all know what comes of that for sure, yes indeedy. in the meantime read the real shit, there's way better shit there right now than this drivel. word to moms.