Date: 2002-01-15
Time: 12:10 p.m.

ok I have something for all y'all. I have not shown this to anyone except the Úlite inner sactum of my 'crew'. I hereby present to you the beta release of, the website I have been slaving on off-and-on for over a year now. breathe deep of the flash 5 mangling and backend technology mayhem, and listen to hot beats written and composed by my personal peoples as well:::::

... yes yes y'all. you don't stop. no you don't.

so yeah look at it and tell me if it's fucked up. it certainly was a fun adventure to do it, let me fucking tell you. I learned so much about flash that no human was ever meant to know, and I'm not talking about stupid geek tricks here. I'm talking about the DARK SIDE of the popular vector animation platform. for example, in one part of the app I was storing info in an array, as any programmer might. so I ask flash to tell me how long the array is. for some sick, inexplicable reason, every time I tried to read the 'length' property of this one shit eating array it would just return the number 4. this was if the array had zero or 100,000 motherfucking elements. it was unreal. I had to count the elements myself, it was the programming equivalent of 'sesame street'. what the fuck, I ask you.

anyway yeah so yeah I'm a fucking geek but hey it does the job and delivers hot beats to YOU! incedentally the hot beats in question haven't yet been downsampled so if you try to play or save any tracks over dialup you should plan some errands or other activities around the status bars that'll assuredly ensue. yes.

anyway yeah that's all. I'd bitch about my lack of love life but my god that's old. so more later. word to your personal private mom. yes.