Date: 2002-02-08
Time: 11:29 a.m.

I WANT A MOTHERFUCKING BAGEL. I'm staring at status bars and what I really really want out of life like right fucking now is a BAGEL. and not some pussy bagel either. the only bagels to be had in this bizarro netherworld town are "breugger's", which is just unacceptable to my palate after having lived three blocks from 'ess-a-bagel' in manhattan. 'ess-a-bagel' makes what has been deemed by experts to be the best bagels in manhattan. by extension, these are therefore the best bagels in the entire universe, and I used to gobble them nonchalantly on my way to CLASS at nyu.

and now I'm fucked in the bagel department. I can either bow my head and sumbit to the agenda of the corporate bagel machine, or go hungry, or consume some equally poor food facimilie from some other retardedly fake chain's menu offering. it sucks my ass big time and it makes me very mad. yes.

blagh. back to my status bars. fuck bagel inconvenience. fuck it. yes.