Date: 2002-02-14
Time: 6:53 p.m.

blaaagh. goin' to new york tomorrow. goin' a date. wordUP. yessir. right now I'm acting completely wack here alone in my office surrounded by computers listening to autechre and fucking bouncing in my chair cuz of coffee/sugar intake. I'm all pissed cuz I couldn't get my perscription filled cuz of the hideous plagues of mental retardation that seem to have horribly ravaged every last individual at Capital District Personal Health Plans or whatever the acronym CD/PHP stands for, I don't know, but despite that I'm antsy and hyperactive and generally 'spastic'. yes.

anyway I haven't been writing in the 'eat shit' textbox of late. most of my bile has been steadfastly poured into that other shit, which incedentally should load much faster cuz I installed the zend php optimization engine thing just this very motherfucking afternoon, yessir.

I have no idea what I was getting at when I started this entry. oh yeah now I do. last night I had dreams. I can't remember them whatsoever except for a vague filmy recollection that there were girls in them. yup. can't beat that. except for the fact that when I wake up from these dreams, no matter how trancendant the content, I have to deal with the fact that I just slept on a hardwood floor. my neck is so abominably stiff these days that I can't even invoke an adequate metaphor for the stiffness here and now (i.e. as stiff 'as a board', or what have you) that would really cover it. it's like that.

whatever I get paid (in theory) tomorrow, at which point I will buy a bed, you watch. yep.

the new boards of canada is ill. I obtained it illegally but I will in fact buy it fo'real when it comes out stateside to show love.

I ate 'zippy dogs' and a 'zippy burger' this afternoon for lunch.

this entry is superfuckingdisjointed.