Date: 2002-04-10
Time: 6:50 p.m.

oh man did that last entry make me look like a fuckin' eeejit. right when I 'soft-launched' the fucking server crashes, of course. you should know: the server that hosts was on its way to the dumpster when I salvaged it and bought a new hard drive and cd-rom to make it go. it has 32 megs of ram and a pentium ONE processor. the only reason it's not totally choking is the fact that it's running the most stripped-down linux system I've ever had the pleasure of maintaining. well BLAAAGH. I'm-a order a brand new pile of geeky computer chunks from here first thing monday, you watch now.

anyway yeah it's totally fucking gorgeous outside today. I'd complain about having to be inside all day, but my windows are big, and my officemate cut out early, which enabled me to kill the nasty overhead flourescents and fill my room w/ the orange glow, yeahyeah. it was/is quite nice.

geez christ. really I should refrain from updating until I get over this current horrendous case of THE STUPIDS I seem to have. anyway I think SF will fix that (provided the ex-girlfriend bullshit doesn't send me up some sort of shit creek. you never know, really, till it's too late. that's what I always say. yep.

love+hugs+RAP RAP RAP