Date: 2002-04-18
Time: 11:15 a.m.

ok someone who reads and understands german really needs to tell me exactly what is going on in this fucking page, cuz I mean geez christ now. that's funny, if you're me. yes.

so yeah. 'nother warehouse partee in boston this saturday. an auspicious date, no? not like I care, personally, I really can't twiddle the knobs of the trusty wj-mx30 with any wacky cannabinoids in me. but yeah I'm super nervous, cuz I'll be debuting the brand spanking new software video processing thing I made w/ softVNS, and I have no idea how that's going to go down whatsoever. the video processing thing is in fact so brand new it's not done yet, so erm yeah. I have a bad feeling about it cuz people who use shit like softVNS and nato and all that crap tend to be so fantastically blown away by the fact that what they're doing is 'live' that they fail to notice that their video looks like a screen saver circa 1993. like, WOW! THE POLAR TO RECTILINEAR DISTORT FILTER! OOO!!!! not like a fucking 5 year old couldn't do that in after effects with the DEFAULTS on. this is in fact true cuz once I set my mom's friends' kids up with after effects and they did exactly that, so yeah, all you nato modular 'operators' can get the dick. nyahh.

anyway yeah see that's why I'm sweating it, cuz for once I don't have that much prerendered material (I hate using my old shit, that's so tacky) so I'll have to pimp it 'live'. well well.

also another wack thing about the whole endeavor is the fact that this thanksgiving I found that my mom had rented my room out to some composer guy from the NEC, so I have no default crashing location. I'll have to make do with some horrifically odiferous MIT couch or some such thing. bleah, but my mom is out of town, so I will be stopping by my house to steal her stuff, like the waffle iron and the valium perscription. yessir.

anyway yeah I have all sorts of other entertaining things to report, but I'm beyond tired, cuz I was here in the office till about 5:30 AM and so now that my other computer is full of status bars, I'm going to take a nap under my desk before I just pass out face down on the keyboard and drool into it. no one wants that, least of all you, so more later. yes.