Date: 2002-04-30
Time: 12:00 p.m.

ok so BLAG. I'm playing this shit this friday. if you go to that page you will note that there is no mention of 'fish' or 'FI$H 2000' or 'fi$$$$h2k++.0000' or any of the other dumbass ascii-enanced variants on that theme I like to throw around. yes. but anyway I'm playing it w/ evidence. but that's not all. this other video artist is in the mix as well. we were up here at rpi 'till 2 in the fucking morning 'practicing' last night. I'll spare you the details and just tell you that it's going to SUCK HARD, at least videowise. this other video artist I'm working with... geez, how should I put this? there are, erm, significant divergences in our artistic visions, let's just say, and the effective result of this plus personality conflicts plus mad stress is a gigantic projected MESS. I told all my friends to come to the show and now I'm embarassed in advance. it sucks. the whole thing is making me into a serious tobacco smoker, let me just tell you.

yeah that's another thing. I have been slowly but steadily turning myself into a SMOKER since I started here. people I knew would see me outside smoking a cigarette and they'd be like, 'I didn't know you smoked', and I'm all like "YEAH! it's GREAT! why didn't anyone tell me about this 'tobacco' deal sooner? I fucking LOVE it!", to which the person in question would typically react with some sort of revultion. when you face facts, it is pretty gross, and it totally kills you, yeah, but smoking has a few things going for it as far as I can ascertain, and they are:

*) if you need to take a five minute break or so, and you stand outside w/ your hands in your pockets, you look dumb. if you stand outside w/ a cigarette sticking out of your face, you somehow look less dumb.

*) a cigarette can be easily smoked in the time it takes a powerbook to reboot, which happens once every 2 hours or so on average when you're really working it, and that gets you out from behind a computer screen for once.

*) you get to bitch about how you really should quit smoking to your freinds.

*) you can, of course, use the 'can I get a cigarette?' line with girls at bars.

... of course there are detractors as well:

-) it kills you.

-) it's not cheap.

-) you smell like ass when you smoke cigarettes.

-) if you can't get any cigarettes, and you want them, you turn into a raving nutcase until the situation alleviates itself.

-) a large percentage of the population will think you're gross, cuz you smoke cigarettes.

... so as you can see it's rough and tough. what to do. I dunno.

anyway I have to stop this silly entry right now and finish this stupid fucking website I was supposed to do like two weeks ago. I was almost there but then I got hit on the fucking head and I haven't done too much shit in the interim. I'm wack. it's the way it is. I was born this way. BLAGH. more coffee pleeezze!