Date: 2002-05-09
Time: 10:59 a.m.

wow that last one was a bit much. I realize now that I like to write lots of crap about my 'feelings' when I'm super fucking tired, which is how it was when you look at the big picture. yeah.

anyway yeah. it's thursday. I may go to new york tomorrow. if so, I have absolutely no fucking idea how shit will go down. when I say 'shit' I mean 'things essential to living' such as transportation, eating food, and sleeping. I am broke, I have no ride down, I have no place to stay, and I have no idea if anyone down there will help me out with any of these things. but guess what? I'm gonna probably just do it anyway. is that stupid? yes. unbelievably so. does it beat sitting in my troy apartment, staring out the window and eating oatmeal, a copy of 'the grapes of wrath' open and face-down on the table next to my laptop? most definately.

so blah blah, yes. actually I just realized that like fifty people up here owe me sums of money ranging between $15 and $250. since I got up here and started getting payed I've been so relieved about not being thoroughly broke all the time that when people are like, 'hey fish can I borrow ten bucks?' I'm all like "YES! bless your beating heart!! take it all!" and I fling the contents of my wallet in their face. well now it's PAYBACK!! hardy har. I'll just see about extracting all that ca$$$h and that'll get me to the city no question, yeahyeah.

anyway I noticed that someone in indonesia downloaded the seminal jts3k work this shit when I linked it monday. you should too. it's gorgeous and freely available in the mp3 format. speaking of which, in case you haven't already you really should hit up the site for hot trax cuz they're all free and all super fucking dope if you asked me, which you didn't. yes.

bleah. enough about all that. isn't it obvious I'm only writing this entry so the big dumb one about my 'feelings' isn't on the front page anymore? well there you have it, my ulterior motives laid bare right there for all to see. now I'm going to drink coffee and stare out of my window pointlessly, cuz I can. word to you and yours.