Date: 2002-05-30
Time: 11:55 a.m.

yeah so I just bought another car (see also: tangram 12, 13, 14, 15) and I'm all nervous. this new car, see, isn't actually new, it's 'certified pre-owned', but still it's like the most expensive physical object I have purchased in my entire life thus far, and that's just kind of nuts. I could have bought a whoooole bunch of new laptops or what have you for the price of the thing. the endeavor, when you think about it, is retarded, cuz in exchange for the convenience of being able to drive places I now am burdened with the following issues:

  • I have to constantly pay for gas, insurance, parking, etc.
  • I have to worry about people stealing, breaking, or otherwise befowling the car.
  • I can now no longer get arbitrarily drunk w/ friends as I will have to take the fact that I will most likely be driving my own ass home into consideration.
  • I have to live in perpetual fear knowing that the most minute problematic microcalculation in movement or lack thereof while driving down the road could potentially kill me or any number of innocent bystaders, or inflict massive (nay, expensive) damage upon my vehicle, the vehicles of others, or other random physical objects in the area.

... this last I find particularly terrifying cuz like do you have any idea how frequently I physically fuck up in the course of like your average day? so many little things, ranging from typos to tripping and falling face-down in the hall while carrying my lunch. so many bruises that, when discovered, are totally unclear in their origins. it's wack. any one of these mistakes would totally fucking splatter myself or others across the highway.

but yeah I signed on the dotted line anyway and I'm picking the thing up next tuesday. so BLEAH. at least I get to go get groceries at a separate and distinct time from when jesse goes to get groceries, cuz up until now I have depended on his generosity with his van. yeah.

anyway yeah as soon as I get the car I'm off to new york city, of course, but in the meantime this next weekend will be my first weekend in troy for like at least 5 weeks. I'm fully prepared to be bored out of my skull. send me ideas for fun solitaire games and whatnot. yes.