Date: 2002-06-11
Time: 3:31 p.m.

blammo. I'm on my 3rd cellfone in as many weeks. first I busted the one I'd had for like two years. then the freshly purchased new fone gave up the ghost 24 hours later. it was a grandiose fiasco dealing with this fone (as you can sorta vaguely see from this shit here) and but so finally after much battle with the sprint pcs company I had to buy another, which was destroyed this past saturday night when some friends of mine threw me into a swimming pool in new jersey while I was wearing all of my clothing and had the fone in my pocket. so BLAMMO! no more fone.

yes I should mention that on the occasion of the fone's destruction, I was superlatively drunk, as were most of those involved, and I had already thrown myself into the pool earlier that evening (only w/ a bathing suit and not with all of my clothes on) and also that this event was only one of many in the psychotic parade of mayhem that was that particular saturday night. yes god.

there you have it. other than the fact that my fone got blown away the weekend was nice and ill, thankyouverymuch. I drove around all of manhattan and sizable chunks of bklyn in my new car, which was a blast. driving in manhattan is a fun game. it's just like all those car driving video games, except that when you crash or otherwise die you presumably don't get to 'instant replay' it w/ different camera angles. maqui and I put the top down and circuitously traversed the entire island. we did the west side highway, then one of those crazy roads that transects central park west-to-east, then the east side highway, then the motherfucking williamsburg bridge, and finally her street. and THEN, cuz I was crashing in esther's apartment (which was emtpy cuz she fucking moved to SAN FRANSISCO for some reason but anyway) I hadda go all the fucking way back up to 125th street and get her keys from valerie and then go to 55th street to sleep. I enjoyed this shit immensely, I did, yep.

yeahyeah. now I'm eating a motherfucking canolli and rocking kraftwerk mp3s. I really really want to also rock some high quality design shit at some point but see the problem is I get my work crapola done at like 6, which is right when I'd optimally like to begin to rock, right, but then my friends who have no jobs cuz they're grad students call my ass up and demand my presence in a bar or someones' house or a diner or some such thing, which is quite nice but invariably kills my mouse-clicking vibe, you know? yeah. now that I actually have the aforementioned car I intend to make my apartment more rockable (e.g. like installing actual chairs, tables, and other objects I couldn't get into the apartment on foot due to size and weight constraints, etc) and also finally order cable internet. cuz THEN, see, I can stay up all night in the comfort of my own home slowly baking my eyeballs over easy in the soft bluish laptop-screen luminance.

... and this is really super nice, cuz I just got my old coffee machine back from esther's when I was there, which is the coolest physical object I own hands-down. it consists of two glass globes, one on top of the other. you put water in the bottom one and ground coffee in the top one and boil the whole thing on the stove, and via some sort of magic the hot water seeps UPWARDS and makes coffee. then you turn off the stove and the coffee trickles back down and you take the top part off it and lo, you're left with a pot of coffee you didn't really want but you made anyway cuz you enjoy watching the process, and whammo, you end up working your ass off all night cuz what are you going to do, dump it down the drain? fuck no. you drink that shit up, like the man (or woman, as the case may be) that you are. yes god.

so yes that's basically the state of things. word to you and yours, yeahyeah.