Date: 2002-06-18
Time: 1:11 p.m.

so my fucking laptop's in the shop. it's seriously fried. it sort of boots and the screen stops working randomly. I have like 1/2 the data from it backed up. fortunately this includes all mission-critical shit, some new shit I was assbusting on, and my writing. unfortunately this doesn't include a lot of older crap that I definately didn't want sucked into the digital void, let me tell you.

this is the first time a computer of mine has seriously blown up in my face, and it SUCKS bigtime. I do suppose this is the natural karmatic inversion I was due, cuz I would always go around touting this particular laptop as a fucking tank, y'know, gleefully pointing to the extensive battlescarring on the case and talking about how it's been to tasmania, etc. to be fair, the fact that its' made it this far without puking is quite impressive, considering I'd be hard-pressed to name a day since its' purchase wherein I haven't cranked it hardcore in some way or another. these days I leave it on all night playing mp3s at me while I sleep, and use it for design + email + god knows what else during the day. so yeah it was due I guess. bleah.

hey you want to know something funny? maybe it's not funny but I think it's pretty funny. ok. since the summer of 2000, if I do some design stuff or have otherwise design-related shit on my computer, I don't name the related folders and/or files 'design' if the situation warrants it. instead I call these things 'swaig'. the reason I do that is that once I was trying to type the word 'design', but the fingers on my left hand were accedentally shifted over one key on the keyboard. you'll note that if you shift your left hand like this and try typing 'design' it will say 'swaig' if you omit the 'n'. so, in conclusion, 'swaig' = 'design'. yeah!

right? right!

anyway yeah that's it for today. yes.