Date: 2002-06-27
Time: 6:44 p.m.

man, it's so lame when really kickass designers get into geek shit. I knew this kid at nyu who was probably the best designer I'd met there... like his shit blew all the people in my 'advanced multimedia' or whatever class out the motherfucking water. then I saw him two+ years later in a bar, and he's like "i'm all into ASP and PHP now"... geez. fuck THAT. that's the reason I'm such a lame designer: I learned how to fucking code. what a bunch of shit. code is so assinine. code, in fact, can bite my schlong, basically. fuck it.

anyway yeah I'm in a real interesting mood. this morning I got kicked out of my office for good so some big dudes with axes could chop up all the walls. my new temporary office is a huge classroom, which I thought at first would blow until I found out that it has all sorts of fantastic accoutrements, like a projector and a dvd player and a fucking DVCAM format dv deck, like whoda think it, right? plus big fancy stereo speakers. yup I'm blasting a modest mouse ep through them RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND in fact, yessir.

this weekend is gonna be a bit of a departure from the norm, let me just tell you, cuz this time maqui is coming HERE, like to TROY NEW YORK, which is just fucked. I'm going to drink 10 pots of coffee when I leave work so I can spaz out enough to want to clean and organize the whole place, cuz it's not really messy right now, but really we're talking about a GIRL. here's a statistic that proves how much troy blows: she'll only be the second girl to visit my place like EVER. isn't that some ultra shit? I think so. I mean it's not like my nyc pads were total girl-o-matic juggernauts, but I mean geez christ. yeah.

so anyway I'm planning all sorts of troy-based entertainment for the occasion. this includes: a walk to a fucked up quarry thing (so hopefully it won't rain, like it's doing now), a trip to the drive-in movie theater (super fucking dope but ditto on rain), dinner in (really the best way to eat in this shithole; she likes to cook it up as do I) and maybe some video art too (if I can get cameras). so as you can see it's iffy as HELL. but I think it'll be aaaiiight, genuinely.

and anyway shit's going pretty well with that whole thing, the maqui thing anyway. we had a point blank "define this relationship" type discussion, and that was good, it cleared some shit up, etc. that was last weekend, when I journeyed again to new york city via car. that part, the journey part, was pretty ill too, cuz my friend ofer had been visiting troy, so we 'drove down together', meaning we both proceeded to barrell down the highway at maximum speed, weaving in and out of traffic patterns and making faces at one another while travelling at 100mph++. it was crack on wheels, let me tell you. yes.

BLAGH. anyway now I'm trying to redesign some shit. back to the coffee machine, yes yes y'all. talk to yr ass later. yes.