Date: 2002-07-08
Time: 3:19 p.m.

so yeah I got dumped when maqui came up to visit. it sucks bigtime. I think at this point I'm done with girls. if there are any girls reading this, I'm sorry, but I'm done w/ you guys. my back is, like, turned. no comprendo. I can't deal w/ it. c'est la vie.

it's a great excuse to listen to heartwrenching music and bitch to my friends, it is, uh huh. it kind of fucked w/ my 4th of july too, but not in a bad way, necessarily: I have a very amusing story that involves secret tunnels under boston, guns, screaming, and fat people, and if you want to know about it you can email me cuz it's kind of clinically insane and I would very much like to ensure that anyone hearing the story has the right operating context in place, yeahyeah.

anyway yeah so girls. sorry but no. clearly it's better not to bother, I mean really. I'm going to remain celibate and I'm going to die, cold and alone, in an apartment in flatbush in the year 2039, with a huge body of undiscovered design work that will get either found or dumpstered unceremoniously by those who survive me. yes. if sexual desire gets out of control I can always count on one of the many publications for men to provide a reasonable facimilie.

anyway blagh. sorry about the lame entry. I'll write something halfway entertaining some other time, in the meantime, you pukes should go to cuz it rules every damn day, yes yes.

over and out. bye! BLIZZAP!!!!!!