Date: 2002-07-08
Time: 3:57 p.m.

I love making lists. here's a list of things I'm thinking about right now:

  • eyehooks
  • where to eat food in troy
  • the sinusoidal change (and corresponding rate-change) of the amount of sunlight in a day as a function of its calendar date
  • this modest mouse album I downloaded
  • going to graduate school and getting out of troy
  • being single for the rest of my life, as like a thing to do
  • cigarettes, and why I smoke them sometimes
  • the fact that XML documents contain so much unnecessary shit most times
  • the fact that when my stomach rumbles I can hear it but other people can't necessarily hear it but when they can hear it it sounds way fucking loud
  • the phrase 'drinking drinking drinking drinking coca coca cola' and how I feel about having stopped drinking coca-cola on a regular basis
  • the fact that getting dumped makes you seek out and listen to emotionally manipulative music ON PURPOSE cuz you know it makes you feel bad and you kind of want it in this perverse way
  • latency in softVNS vs. nato modular vs. the much-ballyhooed forthcoming Jitter
  • the fact that I'm playing a video show this friday and I have zip for hot material to rock with
  • pickup trucks and why I find them aesthetically unappealing
  • the fact that it will take me at least two years to leave troy fully and how that fact contrasts with the fact that I'd like to be gone from this place like yesterday
  • mamoun's falafel on macdougal street
  • the fact that I could really whip this font I'm working on out if my laptop hadn't totally died two weeks ago
  • the fact that whenever I have to make an element in this list I have to type '<li>' and '</li>' and how that might annoy me if I wasn't such a supernerd
  • the tactile/haptic qualitative difference between apple laptop keyboards and old-school PC keyboards
  • the fact that my music collection will always be lacking somehow no matter how monstrous it becomes, and how this is in fact a positive thing
  • the fact that I probably irritate other people all the time w/o really realizing it and how this is in fact a horrendously negative wack problem
  • what I might have for dinner tonight
  • sandpaper, plywood, L-brackets, mounting screws
  • places to get cheap furniture
  • how easy it is to distract onesself from emotional bullshit w/ the right tasks
  • my shooting schedule for the next 'work' video
  • the fact that soon my brother will trade his taurus SHO in towards a '91 mustang cobra
  • the texture of bread saturated with oil after it's been toasted and subsequently integrated with a reuben sandwich
  • which books I left on the desk at home and which I left on the floor
  • the fact that I can sort of remember what the smell of the morgan avenue 'L' train stop at night in the autumn is like but that if I were to actually smell it with my actual nose I'd be deluged with related memories in a way that just won't happen right here
  • the fact that bubble tea is becoming trendy and as a result lots of places are now selling absolutely shitty knockoffs of it
  • whether or not it would be royally pretentious and/or problematically incorrect to call myself a modernist
  • cellular fone battery life
  • swimming pools
  • road trips in reality vs. idealized hollywood road trips
  • the fact that this list is way too long and so yes I will be stopping now thanks!