Date: 2002-07-09
Time: 6:26 p.m.

yeah I'm gonna eat well tonite, you watch. I just bought super high grade pesto sauce and some cheeze ravioli. I'm gonna eat the living fuck out of a good hot meal, no question. plus cookies for dessert. yes yes y'all.

so yeah I think I want to become an anime nerd. every time I go to Blockbuster Video(tm) I end up renting some sort of anime these days. at first I thought this was just becuz most other non-anime movies are really sucking these days, but no. in real life, I think I want to devote my life to attending various "cons" and learning japanese just to see more anime films before they're translated and whatnot. the whole idea of becoming an anime nerd fits in very well with my newfound misanthropy and general annoyance with most humans. this way I can interact w/ my peers primarily through the internet and spend my saturday nights alone in my house watching cartoons that feature people with big eyes killing each other with gnarly weapons.

so yeah but how to begin? I've seen all the basics ('akira', 'ghost in the shell', 'X', 'ninja scroll', etc). my biggest anime claim to fame is that I have ALL of the akira comic books (and not the big fat graphic-novel editions either, no, I have the INDIVIDUAL english-language releases of all of those, and they cost me a shitload back in the day when I got 'em thankyouverymuch) but aside from that I don't know shit about the genre really. I had friends of mine at SVA who used to shove all sorts of cool anime down my pants, but their TV was tiny and I was usually beyond tired from raving the night before or some such thing whenever we'd have our little get-togethers, so I forget most of that stuff.

so how do you do it? do you just start buying dvd's at random, or do you have to go to a "con" and wear a hat that says 'newbie' and then engage in an embarassing hazing ritual, afterwhich you're presented with your anime-nerd certification and are permitted to go around correcting people about issue numbers and whatnot in a whiny, nasal voice? whatever it takes, I'm ready and willing. just point me at it.

yes so yes. soon the old veneer of 'fish' will crumble to the ground, revealing a newer and nerdier inner soul, and that will be Fish: Anime Nerd. watch for it. yessir.