Date: 2002-07-18
Time: 11:47 a.m.

ok so last night was sleepless hell. jesse and I made the characteristic trademark crack meal we like to call 'hell pasta' (recepie available here) and drank shitloads of wine. that part was great, actually, as was the subsequent 'royal tenenbaums' 5.1 dolby digital screening. that movie rocks harder every time, yeahyeah. but yeah then I got home and it was so motherfucking hot I couldn't sleep. sucked big balls, I tell you.

yeah so also apparently the broadcast video section of liquidesign, where I used to work (ne้ ultraviolet) just died in an overly dramatic fashion: the dude who ran the show dumpstered all of his shit and is leaving the country. that's fine really on some level, I mean I can of course relate, as I did the same thing 14 months ago when I went to australia, but I didn't run no frikkin company now did I. well BLAMMO! fuck 'em. right now I'm stealing all their quicktimes off their site to remix mercilessly for live material, just cuz, you know, fuck 'em. yeah!

geez I shouldn't update this shit when I'm this tired cuz mental retardation probably just spills forth with no restraining factors whatsoever. ah well. c'est la vie. to that, I say: fuck 'em.

fuck 'em!

anyway yeah I'm going to go get some coffee right now. then I'm finally gonna replace my dead-n-gone laptop. these two weeks have been the longest I've ever spent w/o a personal laptop for my ass (unless you count the shitty-ass thinkpad I stole from work to juke mp3s at home, which I in fact don't) and it's driving me batty. so no more batty! yes. fuck 'em.