Date: 2002-07-19
Time: 11:07 a.m.

last night I dreampt I was driving todd jones (rap foundation MC) and q-tip (zulu nation MC) down interstate 87 at a high rate of speed while they sat in the back, pouring over a medical-supplies catalog that had been done by the designers republic (in like funkströng album type colors) where there were all sorts of shiny fetus-transplant and embryo-growth-modulation pieces of equpiment. apparently they wanted to build some sort of army out of genetically engineered humans. they were making comments like 'check THIS one out... yeah but look at the tubes on THIS baby...' it was unreal.

I estimate that the following mitigating factors influenced this dream:

a) recently, todd jones and I drove down an interstate (90 and not 87 but who really cares) after he had broken his leg. we were playing 'low end theory' in the car.

b) prior to that, while todd was at the hospital getting his leg fixed, jesse distracted the doctor so I could steal face masks out of a supply closet.

c) last night I decided, at 11:00 PM, to eat about 1/2 of a roll of uncooked cookie dough (the 'toll house' variety) and wash it down with a pot of retardedly strong coffee and then design shit. since I currently lack a laptop 'designing shit' consisted of actually fucking around with pencils, rulers etc. one of the things I did was to copy and subsequently augment a bunch of stuff from 2D->3D (tDR book). I then tried to fall asleep but becuz of the cookie dough and coffee I was supercracked and instead of filling the evening playlist with nice, mellow ambient drones as I usually do, I tried to sleep to a loop of 5 hiphop tracks at full volume, one of which was a tribe song from midnight marauders. incedentally one of the other songs was this herbalizer song that consists of nothing but arraingements of a kool keith sample wherein mr. keith states, "I move around on beat creating more styles" which I could not get out of my head whatsoever this morning while eating granola and it annoyed me.

... yes. so yes.

another music mishap from yesterday was how when I got home, the usual congregation of ex-junkies was outside doing their ex-junkie thing (I live next door to the 'hudson mohawk recovery center') but this did not stop me from opening all the windows and putting quasimoto on at full volume, which contains the sample of the guy saying:

"Have you seen the little boy that chases the white ghost at night??? Face puffed up... tracks in his arms... and his MIND BLOWN. Mama's in the kitchen, talking about SURVIVAL... Pops' in jail, or downtown at the Y... the little boy chases the white ghost with his friends, and they get HIGH!!!! and they get HIGH!!!!! (etc)"

...which is not nice to play to ex-junkies really but by the time I realized this it was altogether TOO LATE. yep.

anyway tonight's going to be just peachy. I'm off to a rave on the beach in long island. then tomorrow I'm going to another in queens with anthony. there is no possible way this sequence of events could fail to be the most illmatic shit possible, so I'm on the cutting edge of my seat, yeahyeah. well word life. I'll talk to you soon after my MIND'S BLOWN from the weekend frolicking. yessir!