Date: 2002-07-25
Time: 10:42 a.m.

my dream last night was top-notch. I was in a huge futuristic version of new york with multiple layers, flying vehicles, and all the other typical blade runner type bullshit. it was gray outside. I was with my whole family (brother jonathan, mom AND dad, like all at once) in a big huge concrete room many many stories up in some big building in manhattan. cibo matto was there and they were covering belle + sebastian songs just for my personal benefit. and let me tell you: the shit was NICE. yuka honda can seriously do some beautiful shit to hits like 'rollercoaster ride' and 'this is just a modern rock song', or at least in my dreams she can. plus she had on hot shoes. word up.

also the belle+sebastian lead singer guy was there in like an ornate wooden wheelchair, and he was watching the whole mess with a sad smile on his face, slowly shaking his head. he had on thick black frame 'indie rock' glasses even tho he doesn't wear them in real life, I thihk, yeah.

there was lots of other shit in the dream too, like how my brother and I stole my dad's car and almost drove it off some clifflike building and then got lost in the new improved future version of union square, and shit like that, but none of that was as entertaining as the aforementioned bizarro indie rock blenderama.

I really really would like to redesign the template for this 'online journal' thing but I've been busy making a retarded-ass 'object model' for a 'website' I'm doing at 'work' so no, sorry. soon tho! yes!

anyway now I'm going to drink a glass of water. cuz, let's face it, I deserve it. yessir.