Date: 2002-07-29
Time: 1:40 p.m.

I'm in shitty moods these days. I'm bored out of my shit eating SKULL. I went to new york this weekend and it was nice, yah, real nice but it was over too soon and my friends in troy are moving out to a big house that's like 30min. away from here, as in 30min. from TROY, that is to say, TROY is the nearest urban epicenter, and that's great, it's really really fuckin great for them and all, cuz they've got nothing to do but hang out and live large, right, but I have this fuckin job and I'm the one who has to drive back to fuckin TROY at night if I visit so I'm of the opinion that, for lil' ol' self-centered me, the arrangement sucks balls.

blag so yeah. you don't want to talk to me now cuz I'm in shitty moods these days. I can't wait for the fall. it's going to be a gorgeous moment when I can walk around outside with a hot coffee and really really appreciate the fact that the coffee is in fact hot. that will rule.

I've also developed a real talent for pissing off my friends. it's great. a great way to piss off someone you love is: lose their keys. they'll hate you, guaranteed. other good tricks include not calling people back talking too much w/o listening. these are talents I'm really developing here. whee!

argh. bleah. also coffee doesn't work as well as it should anymore.

so yeah, read any good books lately?