Date: 2002-08-05
Time: 6:21 p.m.

hey. wanna know something extremely embarrasing? I'll tell you, cuz you are the internet, and therefore you yourself, as the internet, are implicated in my embarrasing shit. it's real embarrasing, I promise. real bad. are you ready? here goes.

I've started to use internet dating service thingees.

there. I said it. go on, laugh. laugh your fucking ass off. it's pretty funny, isn't it? I certainly think so. "but why, fish?" you may ask. "are you socially inept? are you that much of a geek that you require a distributed online system to mediate your social interactions? have you had some sort of traumatic horrendous personal experience that requires the use of this horrid technological crutch????"

to this I say: no, no, and no. but you try living in motherfucking TROY, NEW YORK and meeting hot smart interesting girls my age. it practically can't be done. when I use the 'search' feature of the internet dating service thingees, I don't even bother with this area code. cuz, fuck it, basically. I've been looking in new york, of course, cuz that is where it's at.

anyway yeah. that's all I'll say about that biznass. it's fucked up and strange but it's what's for dinner, so yeah yeah.

anyway, in other news, I'm hungry as shit. but broke, so it looks like I'll be eating crackers and coffee for dinner again. and again, you raise your voice in protest: "but, fish! we've been through all this 'broke' shit before, and now you have a nice job, where they actually pay you to do shit! what are you talking about!?!" well let me tell you: I finally dropped the loot for a new laptop. it's going to be superhot and megaretarded and all those types of adjectives, etc, when it finally gets in the house, but it cost some 3,000.00 american dollars, so in the meantime I'll be eating nothing but ramen noodles and water 'till next payday, cuz that's how life is unfortunately, yeahyeah.

so being broke ain't that bad. I'm on the edge of my shit eating seat w/r/t the whole laptop thing. after I fiscally recover I also plan on getting my ass an airport, and rockin' 802.11b in the comfort of my own personal space. checking my mail from the roof and the secret rooms of my freaky pad sounds just.... DELISH.

yep. enough blather. I'm off to use internet dating service thingees. word life.