Date: 2002-08-07
Time: 4:58 p.m.

blagh. 'locked' my 'diary' there for a day or so. I'm scared of google, man, it delivers pinpoint lethal embarrasing data on anyone whose name you feed it. not like I have too much to hide, but really. since I started using internet dating service thingees I realized there is a gargantuan amount of crap out there that a) has my name all over it and b) no longer falls under my jurisdiction, so to speak.

so bleah, whatever, c'est la guerre in today's mixed up world. it my 'diary' fucks with my life, so be it. learning experience. the whole thing is to silly to stress about, really. I'd rather stress about the fact that the laptop I ordered isn't in yet, or the fact that I need to prepare my material for the forthcoming megadumb superinvincible A/V BATTLE ROYAL next tuesday, here in TROY, NEW YORK, at the POSITIVELY 4TH STREET watering hole here on 4th street. yes. in honor of the 'battle royal' theme I'm using lots of superidiotic vectorized flying fist graphics. we'll see who's left standing, oh yes we will.

but oh god, it really sucks when both illustrator and photoshop on yr computer of choice are dead, and you're stuck with your choice-B platform and a shitty-ass mouse, and no fonts. bad scene all around. if I get one steeinking image out of this shit computer I'll consider it a grand victory.

so yeah yeah. new york city gets whalloped by me, again, this friday. these are things I have to do in preparation:

  • do laundry
  • tidy up work room in honor of new chair
  • shave mustache/goatee/sideburns off face
  • clean car, inside + out
  • put air in tires
  • purchase gasoline and other petroleum derivatives
  • call back restaurant, confirm reservation
  • clean out fridge
  • install new air conditioner
  • dumpster old air conditioner
  • juggle + balance personal finances
  • pick up keys from nice friend who's lending me an apartment
  • shower, change
  • apply appropriate deodorizing substances and other olifactory modulators
  • charge up metrocard
  • withdraw some extra cash
  • purchase cigarettes, lighter, orbit brand chewing gum
  • saturate hair with wad of viscous but pleasant-smelling pomade and malign with fingers and comb until a somewhat aesthetically pleasing shape can be formed
  • nervously double-check appearance, outfit, smell, hand moisture levels, etc
  • park car, take subway downtown
  • get there early
  • pace nervously
  • look up
  • take deep breath
  • say hello