Date: 2002-08-14
Time: 5:52 p.m.

man, arial SUCKS. what the fuck is up with that 'G'? ug-LEE. in fact the whole uppercase character set looks like shit. I need to get off this pc and get my mac unfucked, so I can install some real fonts. the whole computer thing is giving me serious mental problems.

like seriously. cuz also we did the A/V BATTLE ROYAL last night, down at 'positively 4th street', and while it was the illest thing in the book fo'sho, I had to use this other dude's computer, and it was a mess. he had it all set up to automatically launch about 50 annoying apps on startup, which I had to endure at least 5 times during the freakin performance, cuz it crashed all the time. it's a good thing it was a battle, cuz while my opponent was up I was busy sweating bullets and chattering my teeth while playing around with EXTENSION SETS. that's just not an appropriate on-stage activity.

but battlewise I can't complain. I think I can safely say I effectively murdered my opponent despite the fact that the computer I was using sucked a fat dick. in fact, here: see for yourself. click on a pic to launch a 320x240 quicktime (each about 2 megs w/ no preloading, caveat emptor):

... yeah. my opponent's name was jack, so I made video clips that besmirched his name. also the night before the battle jesse and I went over to his apartment and rang his doorbell, and when he came downstairs, we pulled out a bunch of gnarly video cameras and assaulted his face with them. I then animated a vectorized fist punching him repeatedly, as you can see in the middle example. as you can imagine, he didn't stand a chance. I mean, his shit was very very nice, and he had a very nice combo softVNS / nato patch with a very very nice interface. but I punched him in the mouth, like digitally. that's something.

these clips are taken from some of the actual clips I used in my set, like straight out of aftereffects, so if you want you can BE ME and download them and use them in live-video setups to impress your friends. of course you'll need to be fighting someone named 'jack' but whatever, I'm sure you can figure it out, you're flexible like that.

so yeah there you have it. and now, in exchange, I desperately need your help. I am brewing what I believe to be a dramatically ill scheme to win over this girl I met online not too long ago. the sceme is seriously massive and will hopefully end up being winsomely extemporaneous and gorgeously convoluted, if I can rock it like that. but I'm missing a very important piece of the puzzle: I need a super mega awesome idea for an event I can go to with this girl. like: my plan is basically an over-the-top dramatic methodology of ASKING HER OUT on this date. I just don't know where to go. it's really frustrating the shit out of me. anyway, yes so I implore you, whoever you are: if you've ever even thought about emailing some random internet fuckola with advice, please for the love of god DO IT NOW and tell me what you think. whatever you want. you can even mock the shit out of me for being wack, I just need some sort of input around which to crystallize my idea. yes. so hit me up. yes.

yes! this is the sort of shit I get into when I've been up all night drinking 40s on my rooftop with my friends after a massive a/v assault. I'm not crazy. nope. I was just born this way.

anyway yeah. word life! more later when I get some freakin sleep.