Date: 2002-08-18
Time: 4:45 a.m.

word up. freakiest dream in a while, this morning... the deal is, my mom's visting, and we're working on a video dance piece thing. so like, I have only one bed, so of course I gave it to her, and I'm sleeping on the floor in my workroom downstairs. so I was up late designing some shit (on my new laptop with new 'road runner' type internet, yeah!) and I went to sleep on the floor, and (among other things) I dreampt I was back in my old house, that I grew up in, and that my mom was setting me up with maya lin. like, we were sitting in the living room w/ romantic lighting and my mom kept dropping in and serving us tea, or something like that. maya lin and I were engaging in gorgeously scintillating conversation, somehow w/o mentioning the fact that she was in fact maya lin, the greatest artist of all time ever. but then at one point, my mom dropped in and made some comment like, ' so have you seen that movie, "a strong clear vision"?' and then winked at me and left, and maya lin sort of blushed and explained that that shit was embarrasing cuz she was all 20 years old and freaking out when she won the hot memorial design award, etc, and I was all like yeah I saw that shit, you're the greatest artist like ever, and this was the best part, cuz she deflected the complement with like the smoothest aplomb ever, and I really wish I could remember what she said cuz it was superbly immodest and intelligent and all that, but it was at this point that my actual mom in actual real life woke me up so I could make coffee, and it was on the tip of my tongue to be like, 'but you were just setting me up w/ maya lin!' (who incedentally is like 40 years old, and married, but like whatever) which would have been weird, I think. yeah.

this is not the first time I dreampt about maya lin. once, in a dream, I think I saw her use an atm at the mit student center, and like I was impressed by how simple and human this activity was, or something dumb like that. so if you, the reader, are in fact maya lin (or perhaps a close associate) I'm very very sorry but my subconscious pukes this kind of stuff up every so often. c'est la guerre.

anyway I love internet in my house. I haven't had that since australia, and that was some dirty dialup bullshit. then for a while I leached Z's fone line and earthlink acccount, but that was sketch-tastic and barely did the job. soon I'll be all up in 802.11b and I'll be doin' this from my roof while listening to kool keith and smoking kamel red lights and watching troy happen three stories below me. sometimes life is good like that, yeah.

blam. I can also see the internet-at-home thing as a seriously negative force w/r/t my 'online journal' writing quality, cuz like I'll probably drop the most picayune and imbecilic entries when the most insiginficant bullshit whim strikes me. eh, whateva. you get what you pay for and this shit here's fo' FREE. yup. anyway more later, I gots to go videotape my mom jumping up and down in a radiation suit. word life.