Date: 2002-08-22
Time: 4:12 p.m.

apparently anyone with a website with any amalgam of words on it is, one day, going to find wack google searches in their logs. it's how things work. especially this page here; with a name like 'eat shit' I get a fuckload of searches that have been made by people who's intererest in the scatological is slightly more personal than academic. like, just now: the last person who hit this page here had apparently typed the words 'GIRL VOMITING SHIT' into the search box. that's interesting.

anyway the school year is poised to begin here in troy, and up at rpi we're all go-go-go about basically everything. soon, I'll have to purge the massive swaths of time in my schedule that I'd allocated to sitting in front of a web browser and do some actual work, whooptie shit. bleah. that's how it goes tho.

sometimes I worry that I'm alienating my friends and peers by spending lots of time alone and skipping out on the weekends to go do new york shit. then I think of how good it feels to barrell down the highway with the wind in my hair, and how I love the way the sun moves through the JMZ while its passing over the williamsburg bridge around 7 o'clock, and what it's like to stumble out of a club at like 4 with yr ears ringing and yr breath and clothes reeking of cigarettes and being intoxicated enough to make the act of swiping yr metrocard a serious challenge. that shit is great. and plus now that jesse and alan moved off to this mammoth but remote country house, they have to come crawling back to me, begging and pleading, if the whim to enjoy any sort of vaguely urban amenity (and I stress the 'vaguely' there, don't forget, we're in troy new york now) should strike them. yessir.

whammo. and now, a tip, to all you osX users out there who detest drop shadows: a black background, or a very dark one, makes the situation bearable. also make your terminal window transparent black with green text, cuz then it looks cool like that cool movie ' the matrix', starring keanu reeves. also, don't dump coffee on yr new laptop, cuz that's not cool. keanu reeves don't do shit like that. nope.

ok now I'm leaving. bye!