Date: 2002-08-23
Time: 1:02 a.m.

man, what a busted-ass evening. first my date for the weekend gets the rug pulled out from under it, and then I spend three hours attempting to rake jitter over the coals, but guess what? it is I who get raked. three hours down the TUBES. total head-smacker, too. jitter's all about matricies but here I am thinking about things all one-dimensionally. bleah. I won't get into the geek aspects of the shit but it's ricky retardo fo'real.

so no date and no dynamic tiling algorithm. thoroughly busted. aaaand I'm creatively blocked on my font. that's what the jitter shit was supposed to be: a nice tension reliever. but bleah, here I am at like 1 AM and I'm way to tense to sleep and I just want to throw shit. preferably breakable shit. fuck.

anyway yeah. at least I have good music. or at any rate what I personally consider to be good music. I dug out my old cd book from like sophomore year college and I'm bumping all the indie electro early '98 style hits like howie b. and kruder+dorfmeister djkicks and dr. octagon. anyone who doesn't think this is good music can get the dick, right now, cuz I'm pissed. yeah.

fuck. I think I'll go watch a cripplingly stupid movie, or something. that'll take my mind off of things. I know I have 'muppets from space' on dvd around here somewhere. that, and a box of stale triscuits and some from-concentrate supertart grapefruit juice. yeah. I can see it all coming together now. ok yeah I'll do that and I'll unload more bile later, adios!