Date: 2002-08-28
Time: 10:05 p.m.

HEY, THIS ONE GOES OUT TO ALL YOU XML-LOVING FUCKS OUT THERE!!! don't forget that XML data is, for the most part, HORRIBLY BLOATED AND NOT HUMAN READABLE WHATSOEVER. so just stop. you're all a bunch of fucks, don't you know that? if you don't believe me save an illustrator file as an svg and open it up in a text editor. you'll fucking PUKE. I love XML as much as the next guy but don't use it for shit like INSTALLER LOGS or other crap that a human being might have to look at, like with his or her ACTUAL EYEBALLS, at some point in life. god I'm pissed.

on a happy note: I really really still love funcrusher plus. group hugs you receive from your support group won't protect you from the BUM RUSH. and how.

it's raining and my shoes are wet but at least I can wear a hoodie and order hot coffee and that makes me perversely happy. in a few months I'll be hating it and begging the lord for the 80-degree sunny bullshit when I wake up in the morning swaddled in extra blankets, I know yeah I know. but right now it's just fine.

what a gratuitous entry. I just wanted to talk some geek shit. more later after I eat a big pile of imitation 'peppermint patties' that are not made by the 'york' company, yeah.