Date: 2002-08-30
Time: 6:19 p.m.

dude, what is with the myriad of literary blowjobs for haruki murakami?? his books totally suck ass! like when did everyone get together and decide that he rules? this is no uninformed opinion cuz I made myself suffer through a whole pile of his titles, including but not limited to:
  • 'the wind up bird chronicle'
  • 'sputnik sweetheart'
  • 'a wild sheep chase' and
  • 'south of the border, west of the sun'

... this last one I found particularly insufferable, cuz it's about some yuppie fucko who fulfils a total yuppie wet dream and then agonizes about whether to get with some childhood hottie. BIG FUCKING WHOOP. the wife character has like ZERO characterization and the whole thing ends waaaay to abruptly. the only thing he's got going for him is that whomever designed is covers knew how to rock the loosely kerned futura fo'real. otherwise: BLEAGH. so hey yeah if you know why he rules on high in the literary world like that please do tell me why cuz like I dunno.

so yeah sorry but I really couldn't stand to see another flowery saccharine review like that when my own experience was so totally puketastic. well yeah not like I can write worth a damn, as this babble clearly demonstrates, so like feel free to skewer my eyeballs if he's yr personal fave. go on, skewer 'em!

yeah my current ass-suckitty mood is not solely the result of this whole murakami ruling the literary universe thing. this morning I accedentally backed into jesse's van with my car, leaving an enormous dent, and I feel totally shitty about having done that cuz I'm retarded, and like I wanna be all apologetic in his face about it and pay for all the fixing and all that shit but it's just strange to do that like all at once, so I have to be seriously delicate about the matter, and like the whole thing is just making me feel like, what, a 'heel', isn't that what they say sometimes? yes they do say that sometimes, yes, so anyway yeah I feel real shit about that and it's slowly ruining my day, which is otherwise a fine and dandy day, like I mean the sun is out and whatnot and I'm wearing my most comfortable t-shirt and I just finished my superdynamic megaextensible php database abstraction layer and object model thing, but still, I dented my friends' van and that's retarded. yeah.

I dunno. take it or leave it. it's what's for dinner, yup.

anyway soon tyler's coming over so I can illegally burn him copies of mac os x 10.2 aka 'jaguar', so I should go and eat more oreos until he shows up. yessir. that's the dilly. more later after I do more retarded shit and/or throw more murakami modern classics across the fucking room. yes.