Date: 2002-08-31
Time: 11:05 p.m.

yo so gear on up for MEGADUMB 2002. it's in your face. it's up and coming. it's brought to you for your enjoyment by us. it's a motherfucking party and here's the invite ... bring all your new york city are people. yessir.

anyway yeah. that's next weekend. this weekend I'm in troy. it's bullshit but hey I'm getting some quality work done. I finally succeeded in reasonably showing jitter how to act, yeahyeah. I (heart) matrix math.

also I really got to know people on my IM buddy list, that's a hoot. if you're cool like that add 'fishpurge' and tell me all about how it's ok to get stuck in a backwater fuckville town on a weekend every so often.

word up. now I'm tired. I'm going to sleep and when I wake up I'm going to drink the living hell out of some coffee and mouseclick more green patch cords than you personally thought could ever crawl all over the screen of a g4 laptop. so sayonara suckers!


ps. come to my motherfucking party or you're lame!!!