Date: 2002-09-06
Time: 6:04 p.m.

yep it's friday. and lo, I find myself in front of the laptop and not the steering wheel. I'm driving to new york tomorrow morning, which should be wack, cuz it's saturday and that's when all the out-of-town fuckos like me do it. but it's worth staying upstate tonight cuz one of the professors here is having a pre-midlife-crisis birthday party, where the theme is 'trashy v. classy', so like you're supposed to come either trashy or classy, or some synergistic combo of the two maybe perhaps. I dunno. my big plan is to wear a suit and bring freshly crafted pecan pie. that should do the job, yeah.

so yeah the online dating situation is funny. I want to ask more girls out on dates, etc, cuz the one date situation thing I did get into seems to be kind of floundering (I'm getting a lot of 'maybe next time' type of deals and whatnot) but like how the fuck is that supposed to work? I want to talk to real, actual humans, but if I go back online it and start 'chatting' it up superhardcore, then what, it's treating the whole thing like the of girls, which is exactly what I don't want and is part of my whole internal set of reservations about the whole online dating deal. how to draw the line? I have no idea. I'm thoroughly nšive when it comes to relating to girls via a computer. so we shall see, yes yes.

hey but you know what rules? rock music. I sure do love rock music. I'd be real happy if people like yo la tengo and wilco and the weakerthans decided to move into my house and eat all my food and kick me out of my bed, but only if they made lots of rock music in my face all the time. that'd be great.

bleah. work is picking up, tho, at least. loads of fun there. today I hacked stored procedure support into the PHP PEAR db module, which was a pretty stupid thing to do I will grant you, but hey sometimes you have to take one for the team, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, and do something retarded. it was my day like that. but anyway yeah I'm making lots of ultra idiotic code happen at work.

also at home, where I'm designing what will hopefully be a jitter-based performance patch slick enough to KILL. that's the goal. as soon as the program causes death in those who view its output, I'm takin' it on the road. seriously, last night I was fucking around and I accedentally and not on purpose made something that looks like it does sort of the video equivalent of granular resynthesis. that was great but it's wicked slow and I don't know how it works, so it might end up being useless, cuz how in hell do you optimize some shit where you have no fucking idea how it works?? you don't and you end up drinking too much coffee and watching 'the royal tenenbaums' over and over with the projector you stole from your job so you could ostensibly develop video apps. right.

anyway yeah sorry about the geek blather. I was born that way, shaddup. hey if you want to point me at a really hot social life waiting to happen, you'll have to suffer through way less geek crap here in my 'journal' cuz I'll be living it up. feel free.

now I'm going to make the pie and eat salmon steaks for dinner, cuz they [salmon steaks] totally rock ass. love ya! bye!