Date: 2002-09-10
Time: 12:10 a.m.

I had half an entry in the textbox but then I rebooted in 9 so that tyler and jesse and I could frankenstein our computers into a midi-fueled max/msp/jitter meganightmare as a rehearsal for the actual, regularly scheduled meganightmare that will undoubtedly go down when we play live here in troy new york. word up.

and so yeah of course it's fucked cuz we will be raving starting around midnight on the 10th, and when we stop it will be the 11th of september, 2002, and I'm not sure what to say about that except for the fact that at the very very least I will spend the first hours of sept.11th 2002 hopefully entertaining a few people with photons, and so yeah if I can make a few tipsy college students and troy dive bar regulars somewhat happy for a little while then that's a good thing. yes. perhaps.

who's to say really, yeah. erm yeah.

but so yeah, word. the weekend was a good one. there was: alcohol abuse, dive bar jukebox hits, midnight strolls, express trains on the local track, mind-numbingly delicious yet cheap pad thai, pilfered 802.11b bandwidth, green patch cords, rooftop schemes, exhaustion, seat vulturing in crowded retail establishments, terrible parking jobs, mindless chatter, missed fonecalls, skittish felines, burned CDs, quiet moments, facial sunburn, tiny tiny little kisses, expired metrocards, stubbed toes, overpriced buffalo wings prepared by members of the russian mafia, jaw-grindingly nervewracking logistics, whispered comments, new plans, laughter, and hazard lights. other stuff but yeah that shit mainly, yeah.

now I'm eating ice cream and chopping old video sets up to feed into the fragulation fuckfest that is my new jitter patch. wordup. I hope you're well, fo'real. much love.