Date: 2002-09-11
Time: 11:50 a.m.

blagh, I'm hung over. last night we raved troy, as is SOP at least one tuesday night a month up here. I had a real good time until my computer blew up, and then after the reboot I was getting no midi in or out so I had to 'fake' it with hastily arranged metro and snapshot~ objects and shit like that. also throughout the whole thing, tons and tons of people came up to me (and not jesse or tyler, no, they were facing the crowd, but I was turned around so I could watch the projection) and were like 'DUDE, are you using JITTER? can you tell me about your PATCH?!?' and the like. this is while I was trying to play a freaking show. people are wack like that.

anyway I generally thought my shit sucked until I asked people, like, how embarrasing is that that my shit crashed? and they were like, I didn't notice. this was cuz I faked it with video feedback through the mixer. I'm a faker. fake fake fake.

then afterwards I got drunk. and now, as I mentioned, I'm hung the fuck over. blitheringly incoherent. also I'm pissed cuz my bank account has like -200 bucks in it and I'm hungry. it's all a dirty mess.

anyway today's september 11th. it's wednesday. last year sepember 11th was on a tuesday. this I remember clearly cuz immediately afterwards people weren't calling it 'september 11th' yet, it was just 'tuesday'. then 'last tuesday'. then 'the 11th'. it seemed like the whole 'tuesday' phase was way longer than it actually was... the days immediately after the 11th were super time dilated for like everyone and a day would drain you like a week. also september 11th 2001 was beautiful day. that's like what I recall most frequently w/r/t that... that it was one of the last beautiful days of that year.

anyway I hope that last bit wasn't trite and/or retarded, so sorry. gonna go drive to my house and scavenge food out of my fridge now. wordup. keep on.