Date: 2002-09-13
Time: 1:49 p.m.

geez. lately my fucking attitude towards music has been very very fucked. I'm trying to listen to as much new shit as humanly possible, like to a fault. I spend hours d/ling shit that I know I won't like, and then I force myself to listen to it, just so I'll KNOW what it's like. what the hell is that? hyperintellectualization SUCKS. I liked shit better when I was ignorant in '97 and I'd just put on the crystal method or something else retarded on on my shitty cd boombox and not really care. now I'm rabidly scavenging obscure remixes of people I hate, by people I really don't like, from servers that get like 10k/sec on a good day.

well fuck this, I say. now I'm listening to funcrusher plus and I'm having gorgeous memories of when I'd listen to '8 steps to perfection' on the J/M/Z Hewes Street platform while the sun was rising after being up all night working on the early back in winter 2001. word to THAT. yessir. hyperintellectualization of fundamentally visceral processes is for dicks.

anyway yeah it's friday and I have tons of work to do but I'm having a hard time doing it cuz there wasn't any coffee in the coffee room this morning, and plus anyway it's FRIDAY so I'm psyched to give the workweek the heave-ho and jump in the car and rock out in new york. the agenda this weekend involves a bklyn roof partee tonight, and then remeniscence with old friends on a long island beach tomorrow. then who knows? perchance some facetime with maqui. I should call her, yeah.

speaking of which I had a horrendous freudian slip moment the other night, while jesse and I were eating on some subpar udon at 'sushi king' in downtown troy. I was talking about other food I'd eaten recently and I referred to the fish I'd eaten a few days previous as 'maqui-maqui' instead of what it actually was, which was 'mahi-mahi', and anyway this was so embarrasing and blatant that he laughed his ass off at me, rightly so, and i was just like bleah, let's change the subject, but in retrospect it's kinda amusing, yes.

anyway yeah: just for the record, it would seem that maqui is the latest addition to the already enormous and burgeoning "girls who I tried unsuccessfully to date but then became very good friends with because I'm some sort of lovelive gimp, even tho I did what I thought was my damndest and bought stuff like flowers, etc" category of people I know. from here on in, I'm at the mercy of internet dating service thingees. yes yes. bleah.

anyway whatever. I'm going for coffee right now, cuz fuck all the laws. fo'real. it's all bullshit. you should know this. meet me at 'the daily grind' in downtown troy new york and we'll discuss, wordup.