Date: 2002-09-17
Time: 12:25 a.m.

today fucking ruled. here's a brief list of things that happened to me that were inalienably cool:
  • I wrote ten tons of code that totally worked the first time with no bullshit, in several programming languages, with lots of interestingly convoluted bullshit that kept me actively engaged the whole fucking time, yeah
  • I downloaded a bunch of music by ladytron. why did no one bother to mention to me that this is the best musical shit on the face of the entire globe? you must think I'm hopelessly nšive for having just heard of these people, I'm sure. that's how it is sometime. but whatever. they totally rule, to the point where if they all asked me for foot rubs and their feet were all stinky I'd say "yes" anyway. I'm listening to 'paco!' right now and it makes me want to dance like a retarded gorilla. that's how it is. yep.
  • I whupped Hisao's ass at ping pong.
  • I whupped Olivia's ass at ping pong.
  • I actually started paying my shrink back for all the therapy she hooked me up with last fall, when I was a total mess. not like I'm not a mess these days, mind you, but these days the mess is more twisted logistics than screwball emotions. I need an entourage of palm-pilot-toting anally-retentive dapper assistants more than I need a shrink, I would think. but anyway yeah I started flipping her some bucks and that's cool, yeah.
  • I ate tacos.
  • I bummed and subsequently smoked a mammoth variety of delicious cigarettes from various people.
  • a girl told me she thinks that I'm cute, and I told her that I think that she is cute. I love it when that happens, yeahyeah.
  • I flipped through this greek art magazine I bought in the fancy bklyn art book store I invariably get suckered into hitting up pratically every fucking sunday, and while I enjoyed the manuel ocampo shit for which I bought the magazine, I got so puke-up annoyed by some of the utterly horrendous pretense of some of the shit in there that I made a big list of everything I hate these days about the 'art world' (a phrase I quote because it is one of the things on the list) and it was nice and cathartic and I'd share it with you but really I'm sure you could give a flying fuckass.
  • I downloaded a bunch of other music that was cool. none of it quite annihilated my face like ladytron but it was still nothing to complain about fo'sho.

... so yeah yeah. I'm sure there was some bad shit in there but I can't really recall. oh yeah wait: when I got coffee from dunkin' donuts this morning, I spilled a little bit of it in my lap while pulling out of the parking lot. that wasn't cool. but I mean in the grand karmatic scheme of things today was the everliving shit. I'm gonna go do something else before bad shit happens, wordup, yeahyeah!