Date: 2002-09-19
Time: 8:56 p.m.

hey. I'm slowly but surely making information technology into a SEXY BEAST here at my job. no lie. the 'object model' I'm churning out for this 'web site' is going to be MEGA SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE I swear to god. or at least that's what I have to keep telling myself so I don't go nuts while staring down 5,000,000 lines of php code every fucking day. my good sweet lord.

and it's not like I get any sort of break on the weekends or anything, nooooo, I have to keep working, only the new job title is 'having fun' and I'm the motherfucking CEO. the case in point extraordinaré is megadumb, the organization of which is a brainfuck turbo headache machine, I assure you. theoretically it will be fun at some point but right now I'm stressed beyond all possible imagination. maybe if I had 5 or so cigarettes sticking out of my face I'd be aiiight, but I don't, so it all kind of blows, yes.

anyway yeah whatever, the week is almost over. at least I got work to buy me jitter. that's a big fat $850 I don't have to throw down, which is really just fine with me. yes.

speaking of CEO's, as I did two paragraphs ago, the other night I had this supernuts dream, where one of the things that happened was that I was trapped in this big office building with a bunch of CEO's, cuz like we were all under siege by a pack of meticulously trained dogs who had all been conditioned to seek out and eat CEO's, like specifically. it was crazy and all the CEO's were loosening their ties and sweating and nervously glancing around, and whatnot. then the dogs broke in and chases ensued. the dogs weren't robotic per se, but they'd been so heavily conditioned and trained that they looked otherworldly and hyperevolved somehow (I dunno how tho, it was a motherfucking dream, that's how these things work I suppose) but so yeah so the dogs broke in and I had to sort of nonverbally convince them I wasn't a CEO, like, I was sort of like "look at what I'm wearing!!" with gestures, etc, and but at one point I was trapped in an elevator shaft and two stories down I saw a couple of dogs totally lunch up this one CEO, like, arms and legs were flying all over the place, covered in gore and recognizable bits of suit.

yes. this was a dream. other shit happened as well but none of it was as fucked as that. I should write dreams down more often; I always unilaterally recall the ones I do transcribe, and the ones I don't rarely make it past the morning coffee. which is a damn shame really cuz I know I've had some mighty fine sex dreams in the past but I sure can't recall how they went down, bleargh.

anyway yeah there you have it. yet another slice o' putrid fish(tm) brand subconscious. wordup.

so yeah make sure to come to megadumb; rock your web browser software over to for details, mapquest links, all that, and hey you can always mail my ass if you like that kind of close personal touch. wordup.