Date: 2002-10-04
Time: 5:07 p.m.

yeah so: back up. check. done. thank GOD. up in my fucking office on a UPS and a cisco router, which is a welcome change from sharing a closet with some MIT geeks' dirty socks and a 10baseT ethernet hub from like 1989. I swear to god, the bandwith from MIT SUCKED cuz they all like to download multi-gigabyte porn divx movies. freaks. fuck 'em. now it's time for some real art. you watch.

anyway yeah. my emotions are so super fucked it's just a disaster waiting to happen. for the past two weeks I've been like up and down and all around. granted, I've been eating shittily, and that'll always do it, but the confounding illogic and inexplicability of emotional blahblah is really something sometimes. I just don't know. I'd kind of like to spill it all here and break it all down, but then again I kind of don't, so like if you're a friend of mine you can probably expect a long and irritating fone call from me real soon where I fly off the handle about my big fat freaky life. if you're not a friend of mine you have nothing to worry about, you're in the clear.

bleah. but whatever. it's friday and I'm not going to new york. I'm in my office. I will not be going to new york until at least sunday, and that's sketchy. yes. but at home, I have coffee and music. I'm good with that for now, yeah. wordup.