Date: 2002-10-06
Time: 12:44 a.m.

so in case you're wondering: the order of events this saturday here in troy was: 1) wake up. 2) read annyoing david sedaris book. 3) concede laughter to occasional funny parts of david sedaris book. 4) put down book, make massive omlette while listening to ladytron on laptop. 5) point finger emphatically at omlette whenever ladytron says 'you'. makes for very funny personal version of 'another breakfast with you'. 6) go to bookstore so I don't have to read david sedaris book. 7) find bookstore closed. 8) curse troy new york during walk home. 9) make new template for 10) go out, get drunk. 11) return to computer, post new template while drunk.

and so, here we are. I'm drunk and the template's different. I'm having trouble spelling so if any html or js or whatever is fucked up pls. mail me so I can fix it when I'm not drunk. otherwise enjoy, yeah.

now I'm going to bed. cuz I'm drunk and I can't spell 'template'. and I'm sick of correcting my own hideous typos. tomorrow I go to new york and eat the real bagels fo'real. word to you and yours.