Date: 2002-10-09
Time: 12:15 a.m.

last night I had a dream that I was in this basement and I had a gun. there was some friend of mine there with me and I was cleaning and performing maintenence on the gun. I had, like, taken out the clip and so there was only one bullet left in it. I think it was a tek-9 but really I'm only saying that cuz a tek-9 is the kind of gun name I'm most familiar with from various songs. yeah so the gun was sort of partially disassembled but then some dude outside points this huge shotgun in the window at me and my freind, and we scatter, and I curse the fact that I was cleaning the gun cuz now I have to use it an there's only one bullet in it, and but so the guy with the shotgun came in and killed my friend and I tried to shoot him with the one bullet but that didn' work, and I jumped out the window. and I don't know if I got away or not cuz then I woke up and it was about 7 AM, two hours before my alarm was scheduled to go off, and I was scared shitless and sweaty. it was wack. yep.

anyway yeah also today I had to call my dad to borrow 100 bucks, and he chewed me out over the fone for not having any savings, and then he asked me what brand of cigarettes I smoke, and I said "uhm mild seven, or like american spirits, or camels if there's nothing else" cuz really I'll smoke anything really, but yeah he found that funny.

I had a good weekend. I found a copy of 'grid systems in graphic design' by miller-brockmann in a bookstore in williamsburg. in case you were wondering just who I ripped off while making this new template design. yeah but the book rules and it's on my desk next to my laptop right now, and that rules, like I said, yeah.

they gave me a thinkpad at work to replace my shit desktop pc and I was real psyched at first, cuz hey laptop, not a mac but that equals one more portable mp3 repository, but right now it's playing mp3s and skipping like a 45 in an earthquake so what the fuck is that? new version of winamp and everything. I refuse to use windows media player cuz it apparently emails bill gates your playlists but I might have to cuz this sounds like ass.

yeah like ASS. a whooooole bunch of yodeling assholes in fact. that's what it is. yessir.

shit I'm tired. isn't it obvious from my shit writing? bleah, I'm going to curl up with 'grid systems' and dream the night away. nightnight.