Date: 2002-10-10
Time: 5:19 p.m.

I just got a FLASHING BELT. like a belt that FLASHES. it has a battery in it that makes it flash. I am simultaneously incenced and incredibly excited about this. excited, cuz you know, FLASHING BELT, but pissed also cuz like 4 years ago I spent $80 on such a belt at air market, when I was a 'candy' 'raver'. this one was three bucks and it's just as ravetastic. so bleah. but yeah. FLASHING MOTHERFUCKING BELT!!!!!

also I've determined empirically that I'm a big cheeseball. why else would I make playlists that contain NOTHING but the strokes, ladytron, and the morr music slowdive tribute? why, I ask? I'll tell you. cuz I'm a big fat cheese. I haven't even really versified about how I'll spontaneously get out of my chair and dance around my office. hisao caught me doing this earlier today and it was beyond embarrassing.

I just guest-lectured an rpi arts class about 'webcams' and 'streaming'. I pointed a shitty webcam at everyone (the parting shot is here) and stood on a desk and screamed about rstp and modular metamedia containers and packet delivery and such shit. I thought it was suck hard but apparently it did not. one girl drew an amusing cartoon of me flailing my arms and all that. so yeah.

aaaand tonight I will stay up all night writing a bunch of fucking code. it's going TO RULE RULE RULE!!! well no. but yeah it'll at least be done. so fuck yeah.