Date: 2002-10-21
Time: 4:45 p.m.

ok so I missed updating for a couple of days. this is because work has started to SUCK HARD. it won't start unsucking until at LEAST november 1st so any communications I disseminate to the yawning maw of the informational universe via this here page will be sporadic at best, and totally shitty and unreadable at worst. yup. c'est la guerre.

I was, like, in the office fo'real last SATURDAY. total bullshit it was. the whole week before that was shit too. at least I got my car back. but they totally fucked up, it would seem, and FORGOT TO PUT THE HORN BACK IN. I almost got into like 100 freakish accidents yesterday in new york as a result of this.

I still did manage to park my fucking car and get out and have dinner with Laura, also known to you the peruser as "that girl I met on the internet". things with that are going quite well, in case you were for some reason curious. I gave her a copy of 'grid systems in graphic design' after we finished dinner, as like a late birthday present, and I was seriously sweating it, cuz I could forsee only two potential outcomes from this action: A), she'd be like "oh that's nice, erm thanks" and not think it was nearly as cool as I, in my nerdiness, did in fact think it, the book, is, or like B), she'd be like "thanks but I already have it." well it turned out to be NIETHER: she loved the book and understood in the same primal typo-nerd type way that it ruled, and also she didn't already have it. this really really made my night.

then we saw the chris cunningham retrospective at resfest. that was very nice but also megafucked. I'd seen most of mr. cunningham's work already, and many of those pieces I'd seen as quicktimes. I have to say that as much as I love his work, seeing all of the videos all at once makes him look kind of like a megadisturbed psychosexual fucko. still it was unbeatably ill to watch the ineffable 'come on my selector' video on a gargantuan screen. you can sign me up for tons and tons of that, yeahyeah.

and then we walked to my car. then I drove her to her car. and THEN we KISSED GOODNIGHT. don't even try to tell me that this did not rule, cuz it did. yes.

anyway yeah. now I'm getting superpostmodern. my object system that I've been doing at work NOW UPDATES ITSELF. not only do I not have to write stored procedures, I don't have to even copy and paste the bastards. I fucking run postmodernism. yessir.

anyway more later. smoke crack. wordup.